Pansy Community Garden PARK

After almost two years of meeting with agency representatives, formalizing agreements with multiple non-profit partners, carrying out a community engagement process and drafting a design for community use based on this public input, in May 2016, Sacramento’s City Council voted to approve disposition of a vacant parcel from Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency to Alchemist CDC. Title of the lot was officially transferred in Spring 2018. We are continuing to work with SHRA as we move forward to turn this vacant lot into a thriving neighborhood-serving park and demonstration garden. The plans for this vacant lot were guided by resident input. We are eager to starting working side-by-side with neighbors and community organization partners as we build this community space.
This effort is just one piece of a larger movement involving many community-based organizations, to hold government agencies accountable for the impacts of their land-use decisions and land holdings, as well as exploration of the potential for the creation of an urban land trust. Alchemist CDC is committed to working with others for community-driven land-use policies that improve access, empowerment and control over shaping their physical environment.

Please get in touch with us to find out how you can get involved in supporting this project, through volunteering, offering professional skilled labor (general contractors, carpenters, irrigation specialists, landscape/hardscape, etc.) or monetary or in-kind donations.

Projects like this have the potential to improve the quality of life and related health outcomes in Sacramento on many levels.

Our partners on the Pansy Project:

Pictures from the outreach and design process:

The Pansy Ave Garden and Community Space is a project of Alchemist CDC with funding from Bank of America, Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency and contributions from individuals.