Community Cooling Stations

If you live in the Sacramento region, you already know our summers come with sweltering heat waves. These high temperatures put vulnerable neighbors at risk, whether they live outside, lack air-conditioning in their home, or travel by sidewalk. While we advocate and collaborate to help make the big long-term changes needed to reduce the hazards of heat waves in our communities, we recognize the urgent need to provide people with shade, cooling mist, and hydrating beverages.


In keeping with our values of empowering the community to implement practical solutions, we help coordinate the creation and maintenance of pop-up cooling stations around the region that can be deployed when severe heat threatens public health. We do this by recruiting Cooling Station Hosts and crowdfunding the cooling stations by collecting donations. Each cooling station host is responsible for setting up the cooling station at their home or business. By raising funds from others in the community, we help cover the costs of acquiring pop-up tents, ice chests, misters, ice, water, and sports drinks. This is an efficient approach that makes it easy for the community to take care of one another and make tax-deductible donations toward this community care.


You can help make this possible by donating or volunteering to host a cooling station below!