Alchemist Kitchen Incubator Program (AKIP)

The Alchemist Kitchen Incubator Program (AKIP) provides regular and ongoing 1-on-1 support and coaching to put businesses in the best position to succeed. AKIP businesses meet regularly with Alchemist coaches and set goals, solve problems, and are connected to resources and unique marketplace opportunities. AKIP is generating the next generation of amazing food entrepreneurs in Sacramento!

AKIP is only open to graduates of Alchemist Microenterprise Academy and receive a discount on commercial kitchen access.

Businesses in the Alchemist Kitchen Incubator Program

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Have you seen this logo?

Businesses in AKIP add this logo to their products or to their signage so customers can know they are part of AKIP. If you see this logo at a farmers market, in a store, or elsewhere, you know that your purchase is supporting a small local business! You can find more information about Incubator Businesses from the Business Directory, or see a map of locations where you can find products from these AKIP businesses.


Why support AKIP businesses?

  • By supporting AKIP businesses you are making Sacramento more vibrant and diverse, since AKIP only works with businesses who are from under-resourced communities.
  • AKIP businesses make a diverse array of amazing products! We would not accept a business that is making a product we haven’t tried and approved.
  • AKIP businesses are receiving regular on-going support from Alchemist mentors/coaches as part of their participation in the program. Because of this support you can be assured all AKIP businesses are operating in a fully permitted manner.

What AKIPers are saying about the program

Alchemist saved my business. I was at a point I was ready to quit out of frustration of not knowing where to get answers on how to run a successful business or what permits were needed to be in compliance with the governing agencies. The program provided it all. They taught me how to create a business plan. They brought in experts to talk with us in the fields of business, funding licensing and more.

Sheila, One Love Toffee

If it were not for Alchemist’s Kitchen Incubator Program, I would not been able to start my business. While I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, I did not know how to begin the process of starting a food business from the ground up. The Incubator Program has provided me the continued support, networking, and marketing strategies necessary to grow my business. Without their amazing support, I would not be where I am today.

Jennifer, Hooked on Paella

About once a week, someone new will tell me ‘Oh, I’ve thought of starting a food business, but…’, and I love telling them about Alchemist. The AMA program gave me a broad overview of what I needed to get my business going, and that scared me away for about 6 months, but I needed that reality check. Since I’ve been in the AKIP program, I have received weekly direct coaching, emotional support, and accountability, which gives me the confidence to keep building my business, the steadfastness to endure through discomfort and risk, and the mental space to still stay creative and excited as we grow.

Kasandra, Meza California