We connect communities to land, food and opportunity.


All neighborhoods are vibrant, equitable, healthy and diverse.

Core Values

  • Vibrant: Neighborhoods are full of creative residents with the best ideas for improving their communities – we are here to help develop and educate residents as a way to strengthen communities
  • Equitable: Social justice in community development means that all residents should contribute to and benefit from economic and physical development in their neighborhoods
  • Diverse: Community health is strengthened by having residents of diverse ethnicity, economic level, cultural background, age and interest
  • Healthy: A healthy community is one that improves the quality of life and over-all well-being of those that live, work and play there

Racial Equity Statement

At Alchemist CDC, we understand that the problems we’re working to address – disparities in access to healthy food, green spaces, and entrepreneurship – are symptoms of a greater societal system that was built for some and to discriminate against others. We also recognize that Sacramento’s history of redlining, redevelopment, and racial covenants have created barriers where race is the primary reason that a person faces additional hurdles.

By almost every metric, Black, Indigenous, and people of color suffer disadvantages and worse quality of life outcomes than their white neighbors. We also recognize that a person’s race intersects with other social and political identities, such as gender, sexuality, national origin, and documentation status, which all overlap and create different forms of discrimination and disadvantage. We acknowledge our responsibility to dismantle white supremacy, uphold the experiences of people of color, and advance equitable change.

Land Acknowledgment

The history of the Sacramento area, and the people, is rich in heritage, culture and tradition. This area was, and still is, the Tribal land of the Nisenan people. Sacramento was a gathering place for many local Tribes who have lived throughout the central valley and the foothills for generations and were the original stewards of this land. We would like to acknowledge the Southern Maidu people to the North, the Valley and Plains Miwok/ Me-Wuk Peoples to the south of the American River, and the Patwin Wintun Peoples to the west of the Sacramento River. We would also like to honor the Wilton Rancheria, the only federally recognized tribe in Sacramento County. We acknowledge that we are standing on the tribal lands of Sacramento’s Indigenous people.

We thank the Sacramento Native American Health Center for their work and for composing this acknowledgment.


Alchemist Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Sacramento.

We connect communities to land, food and opportunity.

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