Oak Park Tool Library

The Oak Park Tool Library is an exciting project, currently in development.

Oak Park Tool Library text surrounded by illustrations of various tools

Logo designed by Sarah Golden

This project will provide Sacramento residents with a community-powered lending library of tools. What does this mean in practice?

Think back to the last time you needed a tool that you did not already own. Your options boiled down to:

  1. Borrow the tool if you know someone local who has it to lend
  2. Purchase the tool
  3. Rent the tool
  4. Hire a professional who has the tool

For a person or family on a tight budget, options 2 – 3 might be outside of the realm of possibility. This means that if a person in this situation isn’t lucky enough to know someone with the tool to lend, they just can’t do what they need to do. Deferred maintenance and incomplete repairs can lead to even bigger costs down the line.

With a tool library, people will often be able to borrow the tools they need. This isn’t just good news for families on low income, though. Everyone benefits from sharing a library inventory of tools, and precious natural resources are conserved when fewer duplicate tools must be purchased and manufactured.

The Oak Park Tool Library will eventually be housed in two mural-covered shipping containers installed alongside the community-gathering space at the Oak Park Art Garden. We are currently working on fundraising and welcome donations, offers of pro bono assistance, and volunteers. If you would like to help us secure a major grant, please contact us to let us know you are willing to provide a letter of support.

You can follow the Tool Library’s Facebook Page here and join our community group here.