There are many ways to support Alchemist, and one of them is to donate items we use in our day to day operations. Some things just aren’t funded, no matter how generous the grants we receive. So if you have any of these items to donate or would like to purchase them for us, we would be very grateful and also happy to give you a receipt.

Shop our Amazon Charity Wish List or choose from the items below:

Unlocked smart phones and tablets that are still functioning, especially iPhones, including older models

New or used phone and tablet chargers, including:

  • Lightning-to-USB cables (newer iPhone/iPad)
  • USB-C power adapters
  • Micro USB-to-USB cables
  • Powerbank portable chargers

Pop-up tents for our farmers market booths and outreach event participation

Gas cards for any local Sacramento County gas stations, including:

Large rolling storage chests for storing farmers’ market gear

Office paper and card stock

Tablecloths in solid colors with no stains for 5 ft or larger table

New printer ink cartridges:

Moist towelettes, wet wipes, and hand sanitizer for farmers’ market booths

Gift cards for printing services for any local Sacramento County printing services, including:

  • UPS

Tri-fold velcro-ready display panels for our outreach efforts and events

Handheld video recorders with separate microphone for in-person interviews

Pocket-size laptop projector for presentations in places that aren’t set up for technology


Items purchased online can be shipped to Alchemist CDC, 4625 44th Street, Suite 33, Sacramento CA 95820. 

Small, local items for donation can be dropped off at the CalFresh booth at your local farmers’ market.

Thank you!