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Alchemist CDC - A Catalyst for Change

Alchemist CDC Hires New Executive Director

Alchemist Community Development Corporation is pleased to announce the hiring of accomplished nonprofit leader Tiffany Rosso as the new Executive Director.

TiffanyR_1smallerWith over 20 years of experience in nonprofit development, program management, volunteer coordination and events planning, Rosso is excited to take the reins of this storied nonprofit dedicated to food justice, food access and neighborhood improvement. She holds a Masters of Nonprofit Administration from the University of San Francisco and has worked for several Bay Area and Sacramento nonprofits, including the California Musical Theatre, March of Dimes, and Off the Mat, Into the World.

”As our organization has grown year after year, it became evident that we needed to add to our management team to ensure continued efficient operations and high-quality delivery of services to the community. This is a positive change for Alchemist CDC that is part of our strategic plan to successfully manage our growth and take on more complex community development projects,” says Davida Douglas, who has decided to transfer from the Executive Director position to Programs and Operations Director at Alchemist CDC.

Rosso steps up as the nonprofit’s leader at an exciting time, as Alchemist CDC spearheads an impactful exploration on the prospect of a Sacramento community kitchen and food business incubator.

In recent years the nonprofit has focused on food justice and food access, but with new projects underway and an eye to the future, Alchemist CDC looks forward to strengthening its community development role in response to changing needs in the region.

Market Match Survey Results

MM-LOGO+TAGAs part of our Market Match program, we regularly do customer surveys. We recently received results from 2015/16 surveys and there are some very encouraging results. Because of Market Match, 82.9% of respondents said the amount of fruits and vegetables they purchase each week increased! Additionally, 85.6% of responding Market Match customers said that because of Market Match they now purchase different kinds of fruits and vegetables than they had been before. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, 70.9% of responding Market Match customers said that because of the program, their family’s health has improved. To learn more about this program, which is making a positive difference in peoples’ lives, visit the Market Match page.


Pansy transformation, with more to come

2017517 Pansy evolution for FB post

When Alchemist began working with the vacant lot on Pansy Avenue it was being used as a dumping ground. In addition to illegal dumping, neighbors expressed concern of other illegal activities occurring there. One neighbor stated the area “[n]eeds to be kept clean so that the people who dump on the lot now know we are here and are caring for it and that it isn’t a dump anymore.” Thanks to Alchemist CDC and community and government partners, the lot has been cleaned up and a fence installed to prevent illegal dumping or other illicit activities. But this is just the beginning. We are working with Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency, Oak Park Sol and other community partners to create a community park and demonstration garden to include features that were chosen based on neighborhood input. We are meeting with neighborhood residents discuss next steps, and are closer than ever to realizing the full potential of this lot by transitioning it to a useable community space.

Reflecting on 2016

2016 was a record year for Alchemist CDC at the farmers’ market. We began CalFresh processing at three additional markets, which gave us 13 markets total. At these markets, we saw over $248,000 spent in CalFresh last year. This means lower-income families were able to spend over $248,000 on local farmers’ market offerings, which they would not have access to without our work! We also saw an additional $70,000+ Market Match dollars spent on healthy, local produce at our markets. Between our CalFresh processing and Market Match programs over $300,000 extra dollars were spent in our local economy, benefiting local farmers and food producers, all thanks to Alchemist’s work. We could not do it without the help of our partners and supporters and we thank everyone who contributes to our great work!