Alchemy Kitchen

Alchemist CDC is creating Alchemy Kitchen- a food business incubator serving low-income populations in Sacramento. A food business 1112016-stock-kitchen-utensil-photoincubator supports local food entrepreneurs by offering needed resources such as low-cost access to a licensed commercial kitchen, assistance complying with food safety regulations, business planning support and opportunities to grow their local food business successfully. Alchemy Kitchen will also focus on connecting low-income food entrepreneurs to locally sourced ingredients and emphasize healthier food options.

Click HERE for a printable brochure describing our project

Alchemist CDC, with in-kind support from Dr. Kristin Kiesel (from the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics – UC Davis), conducted a feasibility study to assess whether Alchemy Kitchen can be sustained in Sacramento. The feasibility study found:

[T]his project has great potential. It could improve the existing infrastructure and strengthen value-based supply chains for local foods. It can provide consumption gains for underserved communities and productivity gains and increases in asset value for local producers recruited and trained from these communities. Establishing self-sufficient local food businesses that empower entrepreneur-minded minorities with access to limited resources can strengthen their unique marketable skills, increase the revenue stream to local business and income of local employers overall, and ultimately contribute to a more equitable local food system and economic growth in the greater Sacramento region.”
To read the entire feasibility study, click here.

With additional in-kind support from Capsity Inc., (a California Benefit Corporation) we created a business plan for the successful creation of Alchemy Kitchen.

Alchemy Kitchen will be modeled on appropriate aspects of other successful food business incubators, some examples include:

La Cocina in San Francisco- Website
El Pájaro in Watsonville- Website
Portland Mercado in Portland, OR- Website
TPSS Community Kitchen in Silver Springs, MD- Website
Hot Bread Kitchen in New York City- Website
L.A. Kitchen in Los Angeles – Website


In May 2018, Alchemist CDC was awarded the Promise Zone Financial Institutions Partnership Opportunity grant. This grant, made up of contributions from 10 different financial institutions, is kickstarting the Alchemy Kitchen program. If you are interested in learning more about this project contact