We connect communities to land, food and opportunities.


All neighborhoods are vibrant, equitable, healthy and diverse.

Core Values

  • Vibrant: Neighborhoods are full of creative residents with the best ideas for improving their communities – we are here to help develop and educate residents as a way to strengthen communities
  • Equitable: Social justice in community development means that all residents should contribute to and benefit from economic and physical development in their neighborhoods
  • Diverse: Community health is strengthened by having residents of diverse ethnicity, economic level, cultural background, age and interest
  • Healthy: A healthy community is one that improves the quality of life and over-all well-being of those that live, work and play there


Why "Alchemist"?

Alchemy, the medieval science known for seeking to transmute, or transform base metals into gold, appealed to us because of Sacramento’s history as a Gold Rush town and the idea of transformation. We saw an opportunity in Sacramento’s rapid growth and active community to help nurture and transform neighborhoods into the community’s vision. Our logo is a combination of the German alchemy symbol for gold and an Egyptian symbol for “village” or community.