Caring for and harvesting your lettuce seedlings:

The most important thing to remember about these little plants is that the soil needs to always be moist. Water the soil with a spray bottle every morning, or whenever it looks a bit dry. This can be tested by sticking your fingertip into the soil. If it’s dry, then water it.

You can keep your lettuce plant indoors (preferred in the summer), just be sure that it is getting light from the sun or other source.
If you have space, you can move it outdoora for morning sun and then bring indoors in the afternoon.

To grow completely outdoors, you will need to “harden off” the seedlings. This involves exposing them to increasing sun and heat over a week or so. Start putting them in morning sun for a few hours the first day and slowly increasing exposure through the week. Lettuce doesn’t like it too hot so if you must keep it outdoors, let it get morning sun and afternoon shade and don’t let it dry out.

Harvesting your lettuce is simple! Harvest about 1” above the growing point of individual leaves when they reach the size that you prefer but at least 3-4 inches and they will regrow for more lettuce.