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Alchemist CDC - A Catalyst for Change

Pansy transformation, with more to come

2017517 Pansy evolution for FB post

When Alchemist began working with the vacant lot on Pansy Avenue it was being used as a dumping ground. In addition to illegal dumping, neighbors expressed concern of other illegal activities occurring there. One neighbor stated the area “[n]eeds to be kept clean so that the people who dump on the lot now know we are here and are caring for it and that it isn’t a dump anymore.” Thanks to Alchemist CDC and community and government partners, the lot has been cleaned up and a fence installed to prevent illegal dumping or other illicit activities. But this is just the beginning. We are working with Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency, Oak Park Sol and other community partners to create a community park and demonstration garden to include features that were chosen based on neighborhood input. We are meeting with neighborhood residents discuss next steps, and are closer than ever to realizing the full potential of this lot by transitioning it to a useable community space.

Reflecting on 2016

2016 was a record year for Alchemist CDC at the farmers’ market. We began CalFresh processing at three additional markets, which gave us 13 markets total. At these markets, we saw over $248,000 spent in CalFresh last year. This means lower-income families were able to spend over $248,000 on local farmers’ market offerings, which they would not have access to without our work! We also saw an additional $70,000+ Market Match dollars spent on healthy, local produce at our markets. Between our CalFresh processing and Market Match programs over $300,000 extra dollars were spent in our local economy, benefiting local farmers and food producers, all thanks to Alchemist’s work. We could not do it without the help of our partners and supporters and we thank everyone who contributes to our great work!

Thank you for attending Cider for a Cause!

Thanks to everyone who showed up on January 29th at Two Rivers Cider Company  to show your support for Alchemist CDC. We enjoyed hanging out with friends, listening to music, drinking awesome locally produced hard cider and eating delicious food from Slightly Skewed food truck.
Special thanks to the musical performers: The Outliers – Husband and wife math nerds who play classic and obscure American acoustic duets! and The Sasha and Jimmy Show – Singing smoky barroom harmonies. This event benefited Alchemist CDC’s programs

Alchemy Kitchen project highlighted in the Sacramento Bee

The Sacramento Bee published an article regarding our Alchemy Kitchen project. “A food business incubator, Douglas said, could help small farmers start or expand their output of value-added products, or the foodstuffs they make with the crops they harvest. It could help low-income people realize their entrepreneurial dreams – some already get training in food service from local nonprofits. It could also help people operating under cottage food licenses to take their businesses to the next level.”

Read more here:

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