Building Blocks

Check out our two current Building Blocks projects:
Green Alley Beautification Project and Pansy Community Park and Garden


Help Us Re-imagine vacant lots in Oak Park and around Sacramento!

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We have already done work to engage the community on a lot on Pansy Avenue in Oak Park:

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Steps to Improving Vacant Lots 3&4We need your help to do even more! We can make the “After” picture a reality with your help! We have big plans to make this more than just a park renovation. What else is possible? See below:

Our Aims:

  • Improve access to green space
  • Increasing access to community gardens, pocket parks, and community gathering spaces
  • Educate the community about environmental sustainability
  • Educate people about healthy food choices
  • Improve aesthetics and pride in community
  • Provide a space for residents to become agents of change and contribute to the health and well-being of their community
  • Reduction of violence and drug activities in vacant spaces resulting in a safer space to live

Projects like this have the potential to improve life in Sacramento on many levels.  Alchemist CDC is bringing the community together as a catalyst for change!

Our Lovely Partners on the Pansy Lot Project: