Mini-Market Makeover Community Chefs

Passersby participate in a nutrition education activity in front of Home Cash Market.

With funding through the Healthy Eating Active Living Collaborative, Alchemist worked with four Oak Park residents, providing them with training on food safety and basic nutrition concepts. These newly trained “Community Chefs” demonstrated healthy cooking/food preparation methods and recipes in front of Home Cash Market (14th Ave. and 44th St. – Sacramento), our pilot for our Convenience Store Makeover project, utilizing produce from inside the store. The Community Chefs also engaged customers and neighbors in interactive nutrition education activities.

Although this project has ended, you can find more information on the broader project to improve and highlight the healthy offerings at stores in the BHC area here.

Sunshine, a “Community Chef” prepping fresh fruit samples for customers and neighbors.

This project was carried out by the Alchemist Community Development Corporation. Funded by the USDA’s Food Stamp Program, an equal opportunity provider and employer.