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Alchemist CDC - A Catalyst for Change

Alchemy Kitchen

Alchemist CDC is developing Alchemy Kitchen- a food business incubator serving low-income populations in Sacramento.


A food business incubator supports local food entrepreneurs by offering needed resources such as low-cost access to a licensed commercial kitchen, assistance complying with food safety regulations, business planning support and opportunities to grow their local food business successfully. Alchemy Kitchen will also focus on connecting low-income food entrepreneurs to local sources and emphasize healthier food options.

In late 2016, Alchemist CDC was awarded a Local Food Promotion Program Planning Grant by the USDA, with in-kind support from Dr. Kristin Kiesel (from the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics – UC Davis), we conducted a feasibility study which found great project potential and viability. A copy of the feasibility study can be obtained HERE. We are also receiving in-kind support from Capsity Inc., (a California Benefit Corporation) to construct a business plan for the successful creation of Alchemy Kitchen.

Alchemy Kitchen will be modeled on appropriate aspects of other successful food business incubators, some examples include:

La Cocina in San Francisco- Website

El Pájaro in Watsonville- Website

Hot Bread Kitchen in New York City- Website

L.A. Kitchen in Los Angeles – Website


Click HERE for a printable brochure describing our project


Stay tuned for more information as our project continues to develop.


Some of our staff and partners doing serious evaluation while touring El Pájaro in Watsonville:

201722 El Pajaro site visit team in hairnets