Neighborhood Development

Alchemist CDC is committed to working with local neighbors to remake blighted land into vibrant, neighborhood amenities through direct community engagement, design and hands-on participation in creating public gardens, community gathering spaces and in developing semi-public spaces leading to a sense of place. Our Neighborhood Development projects include:

Pansy Community Park and Garden

Alchemist CDC acquired ownership of a vacant parcel on Pansy Avenue in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento. We are working with neighbors to convert this previously vacant lot into a community park and garden.

Green Alley Project

This project seeks to reclaim blighted public space through hands-on participation of residents. Alchemist CDC is working with residents who live adjacent to public alleys that have become blighted dumping grounds and magnets for illicit activities. Through our engagement with impacted residents, we will form plans to transform these alleyways into vibrant community spaces.